Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ruffle Tulle Skirt Evolution

In April 2009, Pink Picket Fence created this tulle skirt, inspired off one she saw at GAP.

Dana, from MADE, was inspired by the pink skirt and made this Orange Bird skirt,

and then revamped it to make the Purple Bird Skirt.

This inspired me to make a cream and black version.

I used 1/4 yard of black cotton (2.99/yard, cut into five gathered strips sewn together and embellished with three strips of tulle. Total cost was $1.25. For the pattern, I made one up, using the market skirt skirt tutorial as a rough base. Next time, I will simplify the skirt to only two pieces and use many more rows of tulle.
I also want to try Dana's newset version of this skirt, the Turkey Dressing Ruffled Skirt -

Isn't it gorgeous? It's fuller and with more more ruffles. For the ruffles, she uses this nylon chiffon instead of tulle for a softer look. She sells the full pattern (23 page pdf file) with photo instruction for $6 in her etsy shop HERE. And she claims to have instructions to make it for adult too. I can't wait to make this in a plethora of bright colors for summer. Scarlett is going to be the fluffiest girl around!


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