Friday, January 22, 2010

Yo-yo Tutorial

Yo-yos to make great embellishments for little girls (or big girls) clothes. You can add them to dresses, tees, skirts, or just about anything. I've fallen in love with the yo-yo and use it often. I've even had enough requests, that I started selling yo-yo embellished tees in my etsy shop HERE.

While they take time, anyone can make them! They are FAST, FUN, and do not require a machine (great project to work on while waiting for the dentist). They are also a great way to use up scrap fabric you have lying around. Use cotton, silk, seersucker or whatever.

Here is a great tutorial , from Heather Bailey:



  1. I was in the Target baby section, and all the little girl Onesies had yo-yos and ruffles. They weren't as cute as yours though. Look at you knowing the trends before they come out!

  2. I'm thrilled that I found your blog! I've been buying yo-yos on Etsy to use for my own designs. Thank you so much for supplying a tutorial for them. I just love yo-yos!


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