Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ice Cream Dress Pattern

oliver + s released three new patterns this week and I've got my eye on the ice cream dress. I've never tried one of their patterns (I can't seem to bring myself to pay that much $15.95 + 5.95 shipping) but maybe it's time. I just can't stop thinking of all the possibilities I could come up with. Maybe I will get it for my birthday and that will solve everything.

I love this color-block version that was off the oliver + s blog.

I also adore the shirt version. What beautiful fabrics they chose.

Has anyone else tried their patterns? What do you think? Do they ever go on sale?


  1. They are buy 1 get one half off at

    And, I LOVE their patterns. Her instructions are amazing, and I have learned a ton of new techniques.

  2. You can always find them for slightly less and cheaper shipping on etsy. I've bought them for 11.95 before. If you buy them on, you'll get free shipping with a $35 purchase.

    I say they are totally worth the money. You will end up with a garment that is so professional. I've used patterns by designers (amy butler, etc.) and while they are nice, they don't compare at all in terms of construction. Oliver + S looks simple on the outside, but they are very intensive and involve some serious professional construction techniques. That being said, they are also relatively easy to put together because the instructions are so clear and well written. A little patience and sewing experience is all it takes. Plus, I always learn something new about clothing construction, or how to do something the "right" way when I use these patterns, so it is also like a mini sewing lesson. Can't beat that.

    You can see pics of Oliver + S outfits I've made here:
    and here:

    good luck!

  3. hey lady. I too gasp at the price...and the price to sell is a little expensive have to pay by the dress or something. anyway, I have tried the popover dress (that's free on the website) a number of times, and it's wonderful. very simple, but classic. compliments all over the place. even with the funky fabric I used.

    gotta love family pictures. :) anyway, I'm excited to hear if you love love love any of these dress patterns..someday, I'll have the funds again to think of delving in..

  4. i just got the pattern in the mail on saturday and while i sew quite frequently, i'm still intimidated...but i'm tackling it this week!

  5. I too was a price cringer. Never paid more than $2 for a pattern until Oliver and S. And there is no doubt they are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. No joke.

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