Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sunshine Skirt!

After making the can-can skirt for Emily, I just had to make one for little Scarlett. I decided to use summer yellows and oranges, like sunshine. It seemed like an appropriate way to kick off summer.

I love the Can-Can skirt pattern. It's so easy and flexible. Purchase it HERE. Consider it a crucial sewing investment for those with little girls.

It turned out a little big but I decided to just let her grow into it. I swear the only photos she will stand still for are the ones with that finger up her nose!

After making the skirt, I saw it against black and it suddenly resembled candy corn.

I had no idea that the summer skirt I was making would transition into her Halloween costume this October. I was multi-tasking without knowing it! Imagine it with orange tights, a white turtle neck and white coned hat. Perfect, huh? Now I just need another costume for our new baby girl, that will join us in September. Another Halloween candy would be prefect. Any suggestions?


  1. Adorable! I love the ruffles!!!

  2. I love it!! Maybe browns for some chocolate goodies or skittles rainbow colored?

  3. love it, and congrats on your impending arrival

  4. i have to say, looking at this blog makes me want to fly you out to colorado so you can teach me how to sew HALF as good for my baby as you sew for yours!! darling darling darling! how do you find time to do it all with a toddler??

  5. I would say to put her in a little pumpkin outfit. Not as unique as Scarlett's, but you could buy it (which considering that you only have a month between the birth and Halloween might be a nice option) and then they'd be like the candy corn and pumpkin candy mix!

  6. Adorable skirt! I love it!!

  7. Oh my goodness! that would be so perfect of a candy corn costume. I wish you lived close so we could trade skills (family pics??). I don't have the patience for certain sewing projects.



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