Friday, June 11, 2010


I've been busy nesting here for Baby Girl #2.

I recently made a car seat tent to keep her sleeping well and sick strangers a little further away. I love it but I it is a bit too long on the sides. Unfortunately, the rick rack trim would be a nightmare to redo if I shortened it so I'm keeping it the way it is.

Full photo step-by-step tutorial found here:

Super easy! The only changes I made were to add the trim and make the velcro tabs instead of ties.

I also made new nursing cover. Again, these are a no-brainer to sew. The secret is to use right type of boning. Rigilene Sew-Thru Boning is the only brand I would go with. The other brands do not work well. It can be hard to find but I can always find it at Hancock's Fabrics and on Etsy.

A full step-by-step tutorial is given by 'Made by the Mama Monster' here:

The only changes I made was to shorten both straps a bit.

Now, I just need to make the bedding.


  1. I just made a car seat tent and it is too long on the sides, too! Lame! I decided to leave mine too. Not worth the effort.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the boning!
    And I love the fabric you chose for the carseat tent!

  3. I love that fabric with the rick rack trim! I was really excited to make a car seat cozy, but then I remembered I won't have a car in NYC :( It's probably not worth making one for 3-4 weeks of use before we move. Bummer.

  4. Sad, the tutorial for the carseat cozy is not working. I would love to make one! Happy nesting

  5. I love the car seat cover... Have you thought about adding ties to the front and the back corners to tie the them to each other? that might shorten the corners up a little... Jenn

  6. The fabric is FABULOUS! Adore it!


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