Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Sewing List

Here are several projects from the web that are on my to do list! With being 30 weeks pregnant, on semi-bed rest, watching an active toddler and moving this week to a new city, I am not sure when I'll get around to them but I can daydream for now, right?

1. These freezer paper stencils onesies from Happy Together. Dana, from MADE, offers a great tutorial HERE.

2. Happy Together also created this mod sailor dress. I have a real weakness for anything nautical. Tutorial HERE.

3. This Dress up skirt by Happy Together. I love the pom-poms with all the girly girl layers. Super cute. I think making one for the holidays would be fun. Full tutorial found HERE.

4. One Shoulder Dressy Dress from Prudent Mama. I want to be this lady. She comes up with fun and spunky designs AND she also has a daughter named Scarlet(t). Wonderful photo tutorial found HERE.

Speaking of little girls, how do you feel about matching/cordinating outfits for little sisters? I've always hated matchy family portraits but with baby girl #2 only nine weeks away, I wonder if matching/cordinating outfits for my two little girls would be cute. Or would it be cheesy? Spill your thoughts!

* All photos taken from the websites mentioned above.


  1. We try to put our girls in coordinating outfits...a lot of times I will use one common fabric for both and then make different styles of clothes with various other fabrics to mix it up. Or sometimes just use the same color family.
    I've found though that when you buy a piece of fabric you always have some left over, so it's just easier to use it for the other child too...even if they don't wear them at the same time.
    Lots of great a mama lots to think about:)

  2. One of my favorite things is to make older daughter a dress and younger daughter a romper with the same fabric.
    Also, just a note - that pom pom tutu was also made by Jessica of Happy Together. It was on Samster Mommy because she was guest posting there.

  3. I have been hearing so much about the freezer paper stencils lately. I've decided that I want to try and make a Nebraska onesie for Riley using that method. Hopefully it works out!

    I think matching outfits for siblings is so cute! Especially since you make so many of Scarlett's clothes, you can decide how much you want them to match. Like having the same skirt, but in different colors

  4. Thanks for the cute links, and FYI, there's a tutorial for the sailor dress now:

  5. ok we need to hangout, because most of these are on my to-do list as well.


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