Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Sewing Corner

I'm off bedrest and my sewing corner is finally up! With two weeks before baby girl #2 gets here, I'm going to have really try to get some good projects done before my world turns upside down for a bit.
For the shelving, I used the ClosetMaid (found at Home Depot) system which really consists of shelf tracks, brackets and shelves. I love how this puts all my sewing treasures far out of reach from wondering toddler hands.

This little corner is my escape/outlet from the everyday. I love having my machines always accessible for impromptu sewing.

Oh, and the fabric stash. I used to try and hide the amount from my husband and now that it is exposed, my hording is very apparent. I keep trying to use up what I have but I have such a weakness for textiles.


  1. I'm planning a similar sewing escape area! My husband laughs at my fabric collection, too, but he is ALWAYS excited when I make clothes instead of buying them. :) Love your area! It's a great inspiration!

  2. It looks so great! Very organized. My sewing station is at our unused kitchen table in our little one bedroom apartment....but I managed to get my supplies *mostly* in one space. :) Hopefully I can expand eventually.


  3. Oh I love seeing your space. And love that table your machine sits on.


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