Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ode to Picasa

I had grand plans to sew matching bedding for Scarlett and her little sister, as they will be sharing a room. Sadly, bedrest squashed those plans. My solution is to use items I already have and purchase a few others (trying to stay on a budget) to make it come together before the little one arrives.

My walls are grey with white molding and I plan to use shades of reds and pinks in the room. Then, I wondered what pops of lemon yellow would add. With Picasa (Google's free photo program), I simply take screenshots of what I like and have, crop them, and put them into a collage to help get an idea of what colors and elements would look together.

I love how Picasa allows me to do all the planning right from bed. Download the free program HERE.


  1. Aww, looks so cute!

    Sorry to hear about the bedrest. I'm sure that's no fun! Hope you can find some fun things to do! = )

  2. reds and pink with hints of lemon yellow sound fantastic! reminds me of strawberry/raspberry lemonade! I think you're onto something here... :)


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