Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Felt Hydrangeas

Nothing puts a damper on sewing like doctor-ordered bed rest. I'm not allowed to even sit-up but need to remain horizontally for the next month to avoid pre-term labor. Boo. Thank goodness I found at least one sewing project that can be completed while on my back.

These felt flowers are easy, fast and help pass many of the long long days. I've included a brief tutorial below (taken on my pillow).

1. Start with cutting a felt circle and several (10-20) petals, in soft x-shapes. Don't stress about making the petals perfect or uniform.

2.Start sewing them on, one at a time by simply sewing an "X" shape in each of the centers. I also like to pull the thread taut to help it bunch, making it multi-dimensional and more life life. Make a circle along the outer ring and fill in the center after.

3. The back will be a mess. I like to add a felt leaf at this stage and them add another felt circle on the back to make the flower more polished and help it remain flat. Sew the back on, making sure you secure the leaf in the process.

And that's it! Now add this to a headband or secure a clip on the back. It can be used for a hair accessory or broach.

Hmmm... any other sewing projects I can work on horizontally?


  1. thanks Mel! I have a ton of felt from making other flowers, but I'm over-rosed and daisy'd, so these will be perfect to use up the rest!

  2. This is so great! I love it.

    Sorry about the bed rest. I was on bed rest with my 3rd for the last 3 months. Definitely no fun, but worth it. Hope it goes quickly and your little babe is healthy.

  3. OMGOSH! LOVE THOSE!! how creative! thanks for sharing!! hope your bedrest goes by quickly!

  4. Seriously....can we trade mini ruffle aprons for one of these or something? I love trade!

  5. I have one mini ruffle left in red!


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