Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Bedding

I've taken a break from sewing clothes to work on my girls' room. I hope to create a calm, simple, cozy and feminine room.

I purchased a vintage coverlet for Scarlett from a local flee market. This became my inspiration for the entire room.

For my baby's crib, I needed to find baby bedding to match, and decided simple white chenille bumpers would look best. However, my search for chenille bumpers was futile and so I made my own. They really were not too hard, especially when you purchase these
bumper fillers.

For the crib skirt, I cut a rectangle, from the chenille, and sewed elastic along the upper border. I used adhesive elastic on the frame of the crib so it would just stick right on. Super simple! The pom-poms, on the bedskirt, were white and I dyed them, along with the curtains to make a perfect color match.

Mobile is from HERE on etsy. I mailed a sample of the exact yellow I wanted the mobile in and she matched it beautifully. I know am now looking for some simple wall art... and I'll be DONE.



  1. Wow, I love it. I love the white and soft colors, it's very feminine. I am going to look into that mobile! Beautiful job, and thanks!

    I liked the butterflies you posted a while ago when you were trying to decide what to do with the nursery. The 3D ones that had one side of the wings coming off the wall.

  2. Love it! Want to come see it in person.

  3. How lovely! Maybe a framed baby picture or a baby dress?

  4. i'm glad you shared pics...turned out cute mel bell. i don't know what you want to do for wall art but i'm going to frame vintage hankies and i'm excited about that idea. i bet you could find some cute pink or yellow ones if you go to the flea markets!

  5. I love it! The wall color is perfect and I love all the white with pops of pink and yellow. I think silhouettes would be really cool and I've heard they're easy. They would look really cool in ornate white frames. You can even do silhouettes using fabric.

  6. Gorgeous. That color scheme must be so soothing (which is exactly what you need with two kids, right?). That mobile is to die for! I don't think you need much of anything over Autumn's side (I'd struggle to find something that wouldn't compete), I think a mirror or simple print would be perfect.

    For Scarlet's side, I have always loved this idea:

    SO easy, has a streamlined look, and it allows her to read in bed and foster a love of books while serving as lovely decor! I keep meaning to make this- I just don't have space for it currently. Bummer.

  7. You can pick a couple of pieces of favorite fabrics and stretch and staple them over artists' wood frames. They make awesome inexpensive wall decorations and can easily be changed. I love the colors you chose.


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