Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Dresses

For the first time ever, I actually finished the Easter dresses before Easter. Whoohoooo!

I went pretty traditional, using Shirley Temple as my inspiration. I loved her high-waisted full dresses.

For the fabric, I chose a lightweight Swiss Dot for a nostalgic feel. I instantly go weak whenever I come across Swiss Dot and it instantly is added to the fabric stash.

For the pattern, I used New Look 6879 and made some minor alterations with the sash. I also wanted to make the dress a little fuller but ran out of netting and had to settle with what I had.

Baby Autumn's dress was a very simple A-line. I used this pattern to create it, but only used two rows of shirring. And the best part is that with the elastic threads, it will easily be worn as a tunic or top when she is older.

The flower is just gathered red twill ribbon that I sewed in a circle. Took literally three minutes.

Now we just need Easter to come!


  1. So pretty! Love the blue sashes and your fabric choices.

  2. ADORABLE love the swiss dot!

  3. Wow, I love these! Seriously, the blue sash is perfect and the red flower adds just enough. You totally inspired me and I made similar (easier patterns) ones for Mairee and baby girl #2. Thanks!

  4. I hate you for how cute you are and your cutest dresses ever. My kids will show up in clothes. I need a happy corner like you have in your house ...
    i've learned it is hard to sew when outside scootering.

  5. The dresses are beautiful! I have been reading through your blog and am so glad. Thanks for posting your projects. I'll be following you!


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